Verkøysbag på hjul XXL, rolling massive mouth bag ToughBuilt

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kr 4 499,00
XX-Large Rolling Massive Mouth Bag


The ToughBuilt® XXL Rolling Massive Mouth Bag is maximizing how pros carry even the heaviest tools and supplies. The patent-pending opening is the widest most expansive chamber in the market for superior accessibility, and it works with all of ToughBuilt’s patented ClipTech™ pouches for the ultimate tool organization.

The class-leading hard body construction protects everything inside and keeps its shape while remaining light and mobile for portability. Its versatile, structured external pockets flex to securely hold tools in place. Made with high-quality, rugged materials, smooth metal bearings, weatherproof poly tires, and heavy-duty rivet reinforcement, this hard-working bag keeps up with the professional’s rigorous demands no matter how extreme the environment.

• Full rugged waterproof base.
• Hard body construction protects everything inside.
• Patented zipper top has the easiest access and visibility of any bag in the market
• Clip pouches on and off: compatible with patented cliptech pouches for ultimate tool organization.
• Includes ClipTech® Hub
• Structured exterior pockets
• Steel ClipTech bar holds pouches (pouches purchased separately)
• Rugged off-road wheels